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Firefighters also were warned of the dangers of changing wind patterns and to be extra cautious of their surroundings. Erratic wind patterns Friday could change the direction of flames, placing fire crews at higher risk of getting caught without an escape route. “The Santa Ana winds are predicted to die down by the afternoon, and with that, the breeze from the ocean will pick up,” said Ventura County Fire Department spokesman Scott Quirarte. “Firefighters will need to pay attention to the winds and the type of terrain they’re on.” cheap real ugg bootsThe Thomas fire is mostly burning at either end of the perimeter, Dettorre said. Northeast Santa Ana winds continued pushing flames west toward the La Conchita area, while topography is offering fuel to the fire on the eastern end, he said. The fire already has encroached into the Los Padres National Forest above Ojai and could do the same on the eastern end near Fillmore, he added. In downtown Ojai, which is under a voluntary evacuation, most restaurants, boutiques and wine-tasting rooms have been closed for three days. John Wilson, 80, was one of 118 people taking refuge in the shelter at Ojai’s Nordhoff High School. Like many others, he was saddled with unanswered questions about the fate of his home, just a mile west of the shelter.