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“I am not talking about impeachment,” Perez said on ABC’s “This Week.” Martha Raddatz asked Perez about a multi-million-dollar ad campaign by Tom Steyer calling for Trump’s impeachment. ADVERTISEMENT Perez said Steyer can do "whatever he feels he needs to do." Democratic leaders have been cautious in discussing the possible impeachment of Trump if they gain control of the House. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said last week that impeachment “is not someplace I think we should go,” saying the focus instead should be on stopping a Republican tax bill. Cheap real ugg boot, Despite pressure from parts of the Democratic base to be aggressive on impeachment, leadership is worried that talking too much about the topic could turn voters against the party. Perez instead on Sunday focused on last week’s sweeping Democratic victories in state elections nationwide. Democratic candidates won the governor races in New Jersey and Virginia, and cut into Republican majorities in state legislatures. “I think what we learned last Tuesday, and what we learned in the months before last Tuesday is Democrats can compete and win everywhere. That’s what we showed last week not just in New Jersey and Virginia but in mayors races and state senate races,” Perez said.,ugg boots outlet, @uggs bailey bow 394 @ugg boots 6 12 months 883 @uggs neevah 174$100-893.html @ugg boots $100 893 @ugg boots us sizes 113